Helpful Hints for Adult Sex

Helpful Hints for Adult Sex

Sex and sexuality play a big role in many religions. Myths are taken from ancient myths based on Adult sex. For example, in the Dionic tale, Diana falls in love with her image and loves herself. From this, she gives birth to a son and her brother Lucifer. Lucifer is the other half of her, and she falls in love with him and follows him throughout the universe, pinning him to love her. In Greek mythology, Gaya gave birth to the ocean (Pontus) and the sky (Uranus). She gets it for parthenogenesis (without male intervention). Gaia adopted Uranus as her son, from whom she had twelve Titans, six men, and six women. From them arose the Gods of Olympus in Greek mythology. In many circles, the great rite is symbolized by an atom and chalice or actually between the high priest and the high priest (or early, high priest/summary).

Sex can also be used to increase energy in a circle/group. Empowers to assist in mantras/rituals anytime throughout the ways. Consensual adult sexual intercourse or solo masturbation can be used.  Adult Sex between two or more people does not have to be heterosexual because homosexuality is so healthy. For a woman, strum menstruation time is a strong time for her, and doing sexual magic is stronger than other times. If you want to avoid intrusions, mutual masturbation works best as long as you achieve orgasm. Instead, you can do it at the height of your most fertile ovulation. If your duration is regular, the 28-day cycle will be two weeks from the first day of your last period or if you conform to the lunar cycles, it should fall on the full moon – twice as strong! But remember, this is also the time that can lead to pregnancy, so if you do not want to get pregnant, make sure you are using a condom.


If you do this yourself, your bedroom may be the best place for privacy and comfort. Form a circle around your bed and place candles around the room. Ensure the room is neat and clean, and take a shower before leaving to keep yourself beautiful, clean, and tidy. Place your altar facing north on your bed or in front of the bed a place of bright passion and will. To be beautiful and comfortable, place blankets and soft pillows in the living room and bed. When you are ready, put on your pajamas or skydive / naked.

The living room is great for couples (or groups). The bedroom is not a great idea, because you end up in a romantic construction session. Place it on the north side of the altar. Place some pillows and blankets on the floor or use a chair if there is no room. The base is carpeted and simple. Can you hold back how cool and hard the tiles are. Mark the circle with candles, as this will make the setting more beautiful.

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